Titanium Cookpot with Lid 550 mL

Titanium Cookpot with Lid 550 mL.

Titanium Cookpot with Lid 550 mL

A short and wide cookpot for solo ultralight backpacking. The heat resistant thin-handle design reduces weight and unneeded features on this lightweight titanium cookware. Optionally, order without handles for a true SUL experience. At just over two ounces in weight, the LiteTrail Titanium Cookpot with Lid holds enough water for a large meal in the backcountry. Most users will fill it up with 16 oz (473 mL) of water for a typical rehydrate freezer bag meal.


  • Lid includes a locking lift tab, 3 steam holes and overflow channel around edge
  • Pot is short and wide for stability and convenience with our titanium spoon
  • Perfect size for the solo traveler
  • Thinnest possible titanium material while maintaining strength
  • Thin heat-resistant handles (on version with handles)


  • Dimensions (W x H): 95 mm x 80 mm (3.74 in x 3.15 in)
  • Volume: 550 mL (18.5 oz)
  • Lid Weight: 0.60 oz (17 g) +- 2g
  • Pot Weight: 1.95 oz (55 g, Yes Handles) / 1.55 oz (44 g, No Handles) +- 2g
  • Total Weight: 2.55 oz (72 g, Yes Handles) / 2.05 (61 g, No Handles) +- 3g
  • Material: Thin-Wall Titanium Alloy
  • Made In: China

What's Included

  • (1) Titanium cookpot with lid